Welcome to the Disney Roleplaying Wiki

This wiki is all about Disney roleplaying. Choose a character, embellish your page, and chat as that character!

What to Do

Pick a character (that no one else is doing, obviously), and you can only have one. It can be any Disney canon movie or Pixar movie, but please no Marvel or Star Wars, yet. If the rules change, we may allow you to switch characters. Create a page, or go to the pre-made one for certain characters, and add your name. Whenever you chat do it as that character! You can even write fanfictions about your character in your blog posts! Please no profanity or other not-so-nice stuff.

About the Wiki

As you can see, this wiki desperately needs some TLC. It's brand new, and we will definitely appreciate all of the help we can get. Feel free to clean up a bit 'round here!

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